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I’m Sharleen, a 5th generation rancher’s daughter, a wife and proud mom of two children.

I care about my family’s health and I know you do too. 
Knowing that you are feeding your family something nourishing and then watching them enjoy eating it is satisfying. 

 When you're from a small island, everybody knows you or your family.  Here on Kaua’i, my family is known for their cattle, so I often get asked, “I want to buy Steaks!”


When my husband and I was about to have our first child, I became more and more curious about our food and where it came from.  I was particularly interested in our beef supply and started to have long conversations with my dad about the changing cattle industry here in the      islands.

 It just never made sense to me that we ship out more than 90% of our beef cattle for feed-lotting, finish them on grain (when we have grass),  and then ship back the beef to our island markets.

Although about 40,000 head of cattle are born here every year, consumers may be shocked to learn that only 10% are actually raised in Hawaii.


Frustrated with the changing times, I decided to use the resources I was blessed with, to do my part, and continue my family's long tradition to make available fresh local beef.  

Being an actual Rancher's Daughter, I know where the best beef is!  I know where and when the animal was born, how it was raised, harvested, processed, and distributed.

All our beef comes from my dad's ranch and is harvested and processed by us at our facility.  Andrade's Slaughterhouse is Kauai's oldest USDA inspected facility, so you can trust that your food is fully inspected for humane handling, and food safety.


Although raising beef the old fashioned way, is not popular nor the trend anymore, in my heart of hearts I knew their were people out there like me that valued quality and were seeking something better.


 I believe what our ancestors left us is a gift, not only to our family but to the Kaua'i community. These values have been imparted in us and we are looking to further these goals.


It's been said, "To whom much is given much is expected." My family has had the benefit of our inheritance, and we strongly believe that that benefit comes along with the responsibility to be curators of this privilege for those who succeed us.


We not only want to continue our legacy, but we also wish to pay homage to those who came before us, and hold in trust that which we have been given for future generations of Kaua'i people.


We are the heirs of those pioneers and are now the caretakers of the culture they created, and resources they strived to develop for the benefit of the entire community.


Thank you!  It has been a dream come true to continue my families legacy of ranching, preserving a culture, and hopefully inspiring the next generation to carry on.  

I hope to meet you one day at Minnie's Mercantile where you can pick up some beef and Taste the Tradition for yourself.  I hope it will Nourish your soul, as it will your body.

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