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My family has been ranching on Kaua'i since 1886 and are the decedents of some of The Original Kaua’i Paniolo.  Paniolo, the Hawaiian name for "Cowboy", or what might have originally been "Vaquero" in the old days.

Wild cattle and Horses are unique unimaginable part of Hawaiian history. Back in 1793 captain, George Vancouver brought in a few head of cattle to King Kamehameha as a gift. As the first herd of cattle had not survived, the captain sent another herd. Then he advised the King to set forth a Kapu or a restriction to leave the animals to roam and multiply. Multiply they did and made a major impact on Hawaii's economy and ecosystem. The cattle flourished in Hawaii's tropical climate and became a huge problem. The wild cattle roamed at will destroying native crops and was a dangerous nuisance attaching, hurting, and sometimes killing humans. Finally,  the Kapu was lifted and in its wake spawned a rich tradition of Paniolo. Hawaiian cowboy culture that still exists today.  


My ancestors came by boat in the late 1800's from the islands off of Portugal and Spain.  Basically all they knew was, somewhere out there were islands, similar to theirs but it offered opportunity and work.  They believed in the economic opportunity these new islands promised and was willing to work hard in their new island home.  


Thus resulting in generations of ranchers with a unique talent with all livestock, and a unique appreciation for the land.​  


Our "Ranch"  was never seen as a profit-making "business,” in what has become the ordinary meaning of the word. Instead, it all started to Serve and Provide for our family and community in a sustainable manner. 


 Now, generations later, we are working tirelessly keeping up this family tradition for the benefit of not only our family but the Kaua'i community who has relied on it for generations.​​  


We currently run approximately 300+ head of cattle on 100% tropical island grass.  We have four main pastures in various locations on the island where our different cattle herds live.  Over time, we have evolved from the wild cattle we once had to rope in the mountains to a very quiet herd that enjoys leisurely grazing at their will and napping under shady trees.  

Cattle desire much of the same things we do. To have a beautiful space to live, thrive and raise their young.  


  Rancher's Daughter's Reserve came about 10 years ago when I decided to continue my family legacy.  I believe what our ancestors left us is a gift and I felt the strong responsibility of using my resources to do my part in preserving the traditions of small island life: Ranching, Making animals ready for meat production and serving our community.


This is not only something my family  feels obligated to pursue as our legacy, but it also continues to be our pleasure to be a part of making Kaua’i a better place to live, with more sustainable local industries. 

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